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About LegalShield

We believe that everyone, and their families, has the right to access professional and qualified legal advice, not just those that can afford full price legal costs. Our Members are empowered to take control, and get legal advice from their personal legal team when making decisions about life-events, or unexpected situations.

Who We Are

We are also proud to provide protection to individuals against having their personal data hacked, as the effects can be devastating. Our Members will be alerted in real time when their data is found on the Dark Web. Should that happen, our team of Experian Restoration Specialists will help you get back on track.

LegalShield was founded in 1972 by Harland C Stonecipher in Ada Oklahoma. Harland had been involved in a car accident - whilst he had car, medical and life insurance, he was not covered for legal protection.

The business grew rapidly – with over 45 years of trading under its belt, LegalShield now provides legal services to more than 1.7m Members, protecting and empowering 4.15 million lives across North America and Canada.

2019 sees LegalShield expand to the UK market, bringing with it the opportunity for passionate achievers to launch and grow their own business, shaping their own success and building the LegalShield community.