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Get assistance FROM THE PROS

Assisted Restoration takes the burden off our Members in the event that their identity is stolen by going beyond traditional credit restoration. Our Experian advisers offer robust case in non-credit restoration including payday loans, tax fraud, national ID theft, court records and so much more. Our advisors support you with multi-lingual support, hearing impaired services and voice and email communication options.

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How it Works

Experian Certified Specialists Interviews Member
Specialist Pulls Supporting Consumer Reports
Customer Reports Reviewed with Member
Identify Theft Event?
Specialist Reviews Concerning Areas with Member
Member is told why there is no ID Theft
Specialist Develops Customised Assisted Identity Theft Restoration Casework Packet for Member
Provide education on how to protect themselves from ID Theft
Specialist reviews Casework Packet with Member / Packet sent to Member
Additional / continuing assistance offered
Specialist is available to provide guidance to the Member as needed